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Indian Raw Hair Facts

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95% Of Real Virgin Hair Comes From The Temples In INDIA!

When it comes to REAL hair extensions, nothing beats the quality of our RAW virgin hair from the temples in India. This hair is soft, bouncy, and full of volume. In terms of quality, it's 100x better than any so called "Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian hair", which is all cheap, low-quality processed hair from China. Think about it, how can it be real virgin hair if all those bundles of hair look exactly alike with the same wave and curl patterns?!

95% Of Real Virgin Hair Originates From The Temples In INDIA! That's A Fact!

Women in Brazil, Peru, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Russia, etc. are NOT CUTTING THEIR HAIR OFF! There might be a few who do it due to financial distress, but not enough to supply so many different "hair" companies with 8-40" in multiple different patterns over and over again. Real virgin hair from those countries is extremely rare and extremely expensive! It's a simple case of supply and demand. Also, the collection methods in those countries can be very unethical, forcing women to cut their hair off. The truth is there's only one country on planet Earth that has a large enough population to supply the hair industry, and that's India! Only India has millions of Hindu women who willingly stand in line at the temples, and sacrifice their hair because of religious beliefs. 

Please don't waste your hard earned money on companies sourcing so-called "Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian" hair! All of it is cheap low-quality processed hair from China. You can easily tell its processed because all their bundles of hair look exactly alike with the same wave or curl patterns, which are achieved by heavily processing the hair. (boiling, steaming, acid washing, adding fillers, and mixing in synthetic and animal hair!)

RAW virgin hair does not come in deep curly and water wavy etc., and there is no such thing as Grade 6A or 7A and so on. They're just marketing gimmicks! Real raw virgin hair only comes in Natural Straight, Natural Wavy, and Natural Curly patterns. Every bundle will be unique because each bundle comes from a different woman

In India, hair is donated at temples as part of a religious ritual. Individuals who participate in this process do so voluntarily as a sacrifice to the presiding deity and without any expectations of monetary compensation. Temple authorities then sell the collected hair to extension manufacturers, and the funds collected from the shaved hair are used for the well-being of the community that participates in this process. Also, hair extension companies provide much-needed employment opportunities for many within the area.
Before the hair extension industry came into being, this hair was merely discarded as trash. The next time you buy Indian hair - you can do so with a clear conscience, and with the understanding that your purchase is also helping those who are less fortunate.

FUN FACT:  There are more Hindu women in India who believe in the practice of sacrificing hair, than the ENTIRE populations of Brazil, Peru, and Malaysia COMBINED! You ladies still think people selling so-called "Brazilian" hair for ridiculously low prices have real virgin hair that came from a Brazilian woman's head? We highly doubt it...

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