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Natural Straight Temple hair Full Lace Wig

Bringing to you the finest Full Lace Wigs, with the highest quality lace. These are made from 100% real human hair, which is why they look so natural and blend beautifully with your own hair. This is hair from a single donor, with cuticles aligned and intact.


Texture: Straight is a natural texture, completely unprocessed and raw. When you wash the wigs they won't be bone straight as they have a slight wave and we flat iron them before sending them through.

  • Freestyle parting
  • The wig is made of Single/One donor hair from a South Indian temple
  • Completely hand knotted
  • Wig hair is cuticle intact and aligned in one direction as it is a single donor!
  • Some textures are only steamed to diversify the range, but still, hair is untouched by all chemicals and coatings.
  • Since the hair is Raw and Unprocessed, it can be bleached/coloured to the lightest 613!
  • Raw Indian hair/temple hair is natural colour and typically come between a colour 1b and 2, which means they may have a hint of brownness
  • Easy to flat iron or curl


This beautiful lace wig is made from South Indian Raw hair where during the hand-tied manufacturing process hair cuticles are held in the same direction giving you a wig that is maintained well, does not tangle, it will move, bounce and feel like no other.

  • 100% natural hair that can be dyed, straightened, and curled.
  • Baby Hair: Around the entire perimeter for a natural look
  • Knots: Hand Tied Single knots at the front, Double throughout the rest of the cap to ensure durability
  • Cap Size: Medium Size with adjustable straps and clips,
  • Hair Grade: South Indian Raw
  • Wig Type: Full Lace
  • Weight: 300 grams
  • Colour: Natural Black
  • Texture: Natural Straight
  • Delivery: 7-10 days
  • Pre-treatment: Before wearing the product, please use a wide-tooth comb to comb the hair and sample finger-style gently, then give it a little light shake to relax the hair texture to its original style.

Natural Straight Temple hair Full Lace Wig

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