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Bundles, Closures, Frontal, and Wig Deal

Main Features of South Indian Temple Hair Closures:

  • No shedding
  • No tangling 
  • Cuticles intact
  • You can easily Curl, Dye, and Bleach the hair
  • These are natural hair so this hair needs nourishment like your own hair and can last easily above 2 years with proper care.
  • Transparent Lace 
  • Long-lasting lace fabric for breathability and comfort
  • Realistic baby hair along the perimeter of the base


This Deal includes a total of 6 Bundles, 1 Closure in 4×4, 1 Frontal in 13*6 , and 1 Wig in Medium Cap in top-quality i.e, South Indian Temple Hair. 


You will get 1-18", 1-20", 1-22", 1-24", 1-26", and 1-28" Bundles, 1-22 Closure in 4×4, 1-22" Frontal in 13×6, and 1-24" Wig in Medium Cap of Full Density. 


Note: You can also contact us for mixing the textures differently or if you want to include other textures in the same deal. You can also contact us for including 4×5,4×6, 5×5, 5×6, 6×6, 6×7,  and 7×7 closures.

Bundles, Closures, Frontal, and Wig Deal

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