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6"×8" Raw Indian Hair Topper

Please Note: Topper's order will get shipped within 1-2 weeks, please keep that in mind while placing the order.


Our 6"×8" toppers are perfect for women who have hair-thinning problems in the parting areas. This is a budget-friendly topper that gives very good coverage.


Product Specifications:

  • 100% real human hair
  • Swiss Lace is used which is one of the finest lace backed with another diamond lace.
  • Heat-resistant, curl it, straighten it, crimp it and colour it, except jet black.
  • Free parting -  can be parted on any side and backcombed.
  • Style your topper after wearing & cut the hair of your topper if needed for proper/seamless blending.

How to Apply:

  • Match your hair parting with the topper parting, first secure the front clips a little away from the beginning of your natural parting. If you don't have enough hair in the front please cover the whole thinning area and then go for the side clips and then the back clips.
  • There is no thumb rule for applying or wearing the hair topper, you just need to cover the thinning area and blend, practice it and you will get used to it in no time!

Texture Match:

  • We ship the hair toppers after straightening so if you have wavy hair then curl it or straighten your own hair to match.
  • Wavy ladies can also wet the hair topper, scrunch to form waves, and let it air dry!

6"×8" Raw Indian Hair Topper

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