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10 Kg Bulk Hair Deal (12"-30")

Main Features of South Indian Temple Bulk Hair:

  • Single Donor hair ratio not double drawn
  • Cuticles intact
  • 100 grams/ bundle
  • You can easily Curl, Dye, and Bleach the hair
  • These are natural hair so this hair needs nourishment like your own hair and can last easily above 2 years with proper care.


This Deal includes a total of 10 Kg bulk hair of 12-30 inches in top-quality i.e, South Indian Temple Hair in Natural Straight, Natural Wavy, and Natural Curly


In this deal, you will get 1 kg of each between 12-30 inches.  Every 1kg has 500g Natural straight, 300g Natural Wavy, and 200g Natural Curly. 



Note:  By default. textures are Straight, Wavy, and Curly in this deal. You can also choose other textures according to your requirements. Type your textures in customizing section.

10 Kg Bulk Hair Deal (12"-30")

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